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Do You Need Your RI Hoisting License to Make More Money? Or to Get Ahead in Your Job?

 Online classes are the future for higher education. Convenient and easy to use, online education classes can help you pursue your career in the hoisting industry or upgrade your skill set. And RI Hoisting License is here to help you achieve those goals. 

According to Salary.com, the median salary of a heavy equipment operator is $62,667 for 2018.  Stop selling yourself short - browse through our c
ourses and see what opportunities that can help your earning potential skyrocket.

In Need Of  OSHA Equipment Training to Enhance Your Skills, Increase Your Performance or Meet The Current State or Federal Training Requirements?

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Maybe you've been operating heavy equipment since the big bang. At RI Hoisting License, we respect you & give you credit, however sometimes your experience can't help you pass the RI State Exams.

What helps is knowing the questions that will be on the test. This is why RIHoistingLicense.com is a needed resource and can help you pass the test. We have compiled both RI and MA State information for you to simply, accurately, and affordably insure that you get licensed.

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Great class! Easy to take when it was convenient for me.  And helped me get registered for the test too - let me know what I needed to submit with my application, thanks! ~ PR 5/10/18