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We are extremely accommodating to our valued customers. If rescheduling is necessary, we will gladly move you to any other class we offer ONLY if you call and let us know in advance. (NO Exceptions). 833-MA-HOIST.
If you don't call and miss a class, you will be required to book a new class and pay the full registration fee.
Thank you for your understanding.


Maybe you've been operating heavy equipment since the big bang. At RI Hoisting License, we respect you & give you credit, however sometimes your experience can't help you pass the RI State Exams.

What helps is knowing the questions that will be on the test. This is why RIHoistingLicense.com is a needed resource and can help you pass the test. We have compiled both RI and MA State information for you to simply, accurately, and affordably insure that you get licensed.

Call any time with questions - we're here to help & Thanks!




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